23 thoughts every traveller has before they go back home

1. How long will I have to stay at home to save money for my next trip?

2. Oh just think of the food! I’m totally treating myself to [insert fave dish here]

3. What job can I do at home that allows me the flexibility of my lifestyle abroad, allows me to quit suddenly and pays a lot?

4. Google: remote working opportunities. This way I don’t have to stay at home at all!

5. I can’t wait to see my dog

6. How did I accumulate all this shit? I only needed one bag coming here and now I have about 3!

7. Right, so all my money is in this bank account but I need to switch it into my home bank account- how do I do that?

8. Why is money handling so difficult?

9. Eurghhhhh EXCHANGE RATE

10. Can’t wait to get a hug from my parents

11. When should I see my friends?

12. Will they be excited to see me or is this old news now?

13. I can’t believe I have to say goodbye to my friends here. What if we never see each other again?

14. Okay I think I’ve figured out this packing thing

15. Cleaning the apartment is the absolute worst

16. I should organise leaving drinks

17. Leaving drinks was a terrible idea- I now have to travel on the world’s worst hangover

18. I don’t want to say goodbye

19. Omg this place is beautiful, why am I leaving?

20. This bag is heavy. Maybe I’look just leave it here and buy a whole new wardrobe at home

21. I forgot to check the weather- I’m probably going to freeze when I get off the plane

22. OMG I can see my parents HEY GUYS!!!!

23. How long until it’s acceptable to leave again?



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