23 Thoughts Every Woman Has in May

  1. It’s May already?
  2. Quick, google ‘bikini body’
  3. Right, how many months until I need to get my legs and belly out?
  4. Oh my god I only have weeks!
  5. Google: 8 week bikini body
  6. Okay, I need healthy food
  7. Why is healthy food so expensive
  8. You’d think food this expensive would be tasty…or at least filling
  9. God, I’m hungry…one cheat day won’t be too bad
  10. Okay google help me out here, ‘4 week bikini body’
  11. You know what? I should embrace my body. I don’t need to be stick thin.
  12. Where shall I go on holiday?
  13. Should I update my hair for summer? Something lighter or shorter?
  14. The weather is starting to pick up, looks like we’ll have a good summer.
  15. Oh look, the summer wedding invitations are starting to arrive.
  16. Summer weddings are on all the magazines…I like that dress.
  17. Maybe I should sort out my dating life
  18. I hate Tinder. Men are weird.
  19. I’m so looking forward to summer days with Pimms in beer gardens
  20. I need a whole new summer wardrobe
  21. When is it time for my holiday? I’m so done with work now
  22. Okay, time to google ‘2 week summer body’
  23. I give up, bring my the Nutella pizza

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