I tried my hand at poetry. This is what happened.


When you ask me how I feel

I say fine or good

or great.

Too scared to think too deeply.

Maybe it will stir that feeling inside.

The feeling that threatens

to break open my rib cage.

Shatter it wide.

That whirlpool in my gut.

Those titans called Anger, Fear,

and Happiness

Pulling at their chains.

Stretching my skin until they are no longer contained.

Anger hears through my ears.

The stories of murder and rape and war.

She looks out from her cage

of muscle and bone.

Eyes aglow

Anger grows.

Fear reacts.

Worries, pressures, secrets

Pinning her down, setting roots.

Fear broods.

Fear adapts.


Happiness struggles

in the company of her sisters.

Overshadowed, crushed, dominated.


She survives.




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