23 thoughts every girl has in February

1.       Thank God it’s no longer January

2.       I think the weather might be warming up

3.       No I was mistaken, hell has officially frozen over and we are now living in it.

4.       Isn’t it nice to see the evenings getting longer?

5.       I’m proud of myself for keeping up this gym malarkey, even the regulars are starting to say hi.

6.       Why do I still have a muffin top?

7.       Am I supposed to cut down on food as well as going to the gym?

8.       Maybe I’ll try a gym class this week.

9.       God that was hell. I deserve a day off from this healthy lifestyle.

10.   Okay so I’ve actually taken 6 days off from the healthy lifestyle. I’ll start again tomorrow.

11.   Or tomorrow.

12.   Spring is just around the corner, isn’t that nice?

13.   Look at Christina on her skiing holiday. Let me stalk her pics.

14.   I could do with a sun holiday.

15. I’ll check some last minute deals.

16.   I should message Cindy and suggest a girls’ weekend

17.   Okay so I’ve researched it all we just need to pluck up the balls to book it.

18.   Clashing schedules. Great. Maybe we’ll look again after Easter. The weather will be better then too.

19.   Oh Valentine’s day again. Single still. My life is wonderful.

20.   Maybe I should try Tinder again?

21.   Okay no, why did I think that would be a good idea?

22.   Stop sending me dick pics!

23.   Oh it’ll be pancake day soon. Better make sure I have enough Nutella.

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