23 thoughts you have when you move in with strangers

1.       Is this place always this clean or was it cleaned before I moved in?

2.       God I hope I’m not the messy one.

3.       So…no one hangs out in the communal areas then…guess I can make this my second bedroom.

4.       Will they be pissed off if I leave some of my things in here?

5.       Oh, they are starting to hang out in the communal areas too, maybe we’ll become friends.

6.       Where do I hang my clothes? I don’t really want everyone to see my thongs, or worse my Bridget Jones pants from Primark.

7.       Wow this guy is not a good conversationalist…same questions every day, same answers every day.

8.       Can everyone hear me pooing?

9.       Ah, so we’re all bad at doing our dishes. Glad it’s not just me.

10.   Okay why is no one taking out the rubbish?

11.   Did I just see him put his raw chicken hands on the fridge door?

12.   Who is listening to Netflix that loudly?

13.   Eurgh, what is that smell coming from that guy’s bedroom- OPEN A WINDOW MAN!!

14.   Staying in and drinking wine with everyone is quite fun, maybe we will be friends.

15.   Am I listening to someone pooing?

16.   Why does no one actually put the dishes away?

17.   Who is up this early on a Sunday? And is it really necessary to be this loud?

18.   Who is coming home this late? And why have you decided to blast the same song on repeat 67 times?

19.   Does he have an alcohol problem?

20.   Has she ever eaten a vegetable?

21.   Which one is my milk?

22.   Who is going to cave and hoover the floors?

23.   I can’t wait for a weekend at my parent’s house.

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