Why we all need a Luke Danes in our life

When it was announced there would be a new series of Gilmore Girls heading to Netflix, my mind was instantly flooded with memories of heading home after school to catch a double-episode of my favourite American drama on E4. At the tender and impressionable age of 12, I dreamed of living Rory’s life. It seemed so perfect. Therefore I couldn’t wait to see who Rory had become in the new series. But before I caught up with my favourite duo, I thought it was best to re-watch the original seven series to remind myself of the idiosyncrasies of Stars Hollow. (And to remind myself who the hell Max Madena was).


Nostalgia was high during the re-watch. I saw shiny lip gloss, embroidered jeans, and Ugg boots. Lots of memories of my awkward pre-teen and early-teen years came flooding back. Having aged 10 years since I last saw the show, I started to see the show in a new light. Lorelai wasn’t perfect. Rory wasn’t perfect. Dean wasn’t perfect. Jess wasn’t perfect. And Logan sure as hell wasn’t perfect. However, do you know who stood out as a near-to-perfect example of a human being? LUKE DANES.



Everyone needs a Luke Danes in their life.

Yes, he was grumpy and he made mistakes (although it’s not his fault the writers of the show gave him a secret daughter). Sure, he wore a backwards baseball cap in his thirties and struggled to communicate. But, his overwhelming desire to help people and to be the most honest and genuine version of himself overshadows these minor flaws. I have always been a Luke Danes fan but it was only now with my years of studying feminism and my more mature outlook on life (read: I’m still a kid but I have encountered so many douche-y men) that I realised Luke Danes is a great role model for men and women.

He isn’t one of those NiceGuy who is nice to a girl just to sleep with them. No, he helps out Lorelai and Rory because he wants to, because he has the time and ability, because he’s a decent human being who helps out men and women when he sees they need it. He helps with cleaning the gutters, moving Rory to Yale and by just listening to Lorelai when she needs a friend.


Yes, he ends up dating and sleeping with Lorelai in the end. But do you know how he achieves this? After a self-help book helps him realises he’s in love with her he asks her on dates! This may not seem that revolutionary, but I have encountered many guys who are nice and helpful and then get mad when they realise they have over-estimated your ability to read minds and that you don’t know this is code for ‘I want to sleep with you and I’m only doing this so that you’ll consider sleeping with me too’. (Dear guys that do this, how many times has this worked? You can save yourself a lot of time by telling the girl you like her, asking her on a date and then accepting her yes or no answer)

Luke Danes spent years being an actual friend to Lorelai with no strings attached. He was such a decent guy.

And he wasn’t just decent to Lorelai. Think of all the other people in Stars Hollow and beyond he was nice to. He helped his sister by looking after his nephew. He also helped Kirk on multiple occasions (who can forget the time he searched for the remaining Easter Eggs after Kirk screwed up). He was even kind to the annoying Taylor Doosey. He cared for Lane when she got pregnant. He was patient with Zak. Yes, he grumbled about Taylor and Kirk and Caesar, but underneath it all, Luke treated everyone with compassion and respect. Not because he wanted something out of it, but because he was genuinely a nice guy. He never asked for anything in return but these people freely gave their love, respect and loyalty to Luke. One can only hope to create a gang of misfits and friends like the one you find in Stars Hollow.

Imagine having a friend like Luke. How useful would it be to have someone to come over and bleed the radiators or remove a spider from the bathroom? How nice would it be to have someone to cook your favourite meals for you or listen to you rant and ramble on occasion? This person doesn’t have to be your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. You might find them where you least expect it.

Luke Danes is one or the most genuine characters in a TV show and someone we should all aspire to be. Or at least someone we should all aspire to be around.

If I ever find a Luke Danes in my life I will hold onto them and never let them go.


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